“The Local Guys” Now Deliver to Twentynine Palms & Yucca Valley

After receiving an increasing number of requests for Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley propane deliveries, we decided it is time to honor them. Residents in these areas now have access to our affordable prices and excellent customer service as well.

First time customers are advised to check the Safety section on our website and take all precautions necessary. Since the cold season is already here, having the heater checked and placing orders early is the best way to avoid dealing with system failures or running out of propane during the holidays.

Our team has already started making Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms propane deliveries, and we are receiving new orders every day. If yours is not among them, you can call us today to make the switch.

Contact “the local guys” now, and make sure your only concern for the holidays is to have a good time with your friends and family!