Our Fees

We do our best to not charge fees, but in some cases they are inevitable. Below are the fees we must charge under certain circumstances. You’ll notice that we have significantly less fees than most of our competitors.

ResidentialOff-Route Charge$75-125Imposed if a customer requests a delivery when we are more than 10 miles from the delivery location.
Tank Rental$99per year + taxCharged when a customer rents or leases a tank from us.
Labor Rate$125per hour per techCharged when we perform maintenance, repairs or service on customer owned equipment.
Customer OwnedEquipment Leak Test$75Charged when we perform a Leak Test on customer owned equipment and gas lines.


Off-Route Charge – $150

Emergency Delivery Fee – $200

HAZMAT Fee – $15.99

Minimum Delivery Fee* – $150

Fuel Surcharge Fee – Variable Amount

Low Usage Fee** – $150

Tank Rent – Variable Amount

Service Work – Variable Amount

*Imposed if customer demands delivery of less than the following minimums:
•200 gallon minimum for tanks 500 gallons or larger
•Full fill for tanks less than 500 gallons.

**Customer leases tank from Ferrellgas and does not purchase minimum Volume Requirement.


Service Dispatch Charge – $39.99

Service Initiation and System Leak Check Charge – $75

Labor Rate per hour (per tech) – Business Hours – $103

Labor Rate per hour (per tech) – Non-Business Hours – $135

Special Trip Charge – Business Hours – $75

Special Trip Charge – Non-Business Hours – $125

Special Trip Charge – Business Hours-Including Leak Check – $100

Special Trip Charge – Non-Business Hours – Including Leak Check – $150

Fuel Recovery Fee – assessed on deliveries and service calls – $5.24

Equipment Reconnection Charge – Includes Leak Check – $103

HAZMAT Fee – $10.59

Tank Rent – Up to $195.70

Fees up to date as of the date this site was updated. For the most current competitor fees, visit their website by clicking their respective link below: Amerigas | Ferrellgas

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