Reliable Propane Delivery To Yucca Valley & Twentynine Palms

With the summer season approaching fast, having enough propane is important.
Whether you need small amounts of propane at your residence or large quantities for your commercial business, having a company you can rely on makes things easier.

Our company provides the residents of Yucca Valley & Twentynine Palms with propane in a safe and efficient manner. Not only do we offer a quality product, we also work to provide the quick and reliable service customers look for when they need propane in the summer.

Getting the High-Quality Propane You Need

Propane can be used for a variety of purposes, many of which have to do with heating. However, this gas is also extremely popular for its use in grilling. Cookouts are a favorite summer pastime of many individuals in Yucca Valley & Twentynine Palms, which means having enough propane on hand is very important.

Since propane may be in higher demand during the summer, businesses that sell it may need to increase their stock or get refilled more often. This is where our reliable service can prove very valuable.

Even industrial worksites may find themselves needing propane on a regular or semi-regular basis. Having a dedicated vendor makes it easy to streamline orders and minimize wait times – especially when reliable delivery service is part of the deal.

Dependable Delivery Service Helps You Out

Sometimes you may find that you need propane in a hurry, or you’re unable to get out and get the propane yourself. In some cases, the amount you require may make it impossible for you to have your need met without a delivery option.

Luckily, we have a reliable delivery schedule to help meet Yucca Valley & Twentynine Palms propane needs in a timely manner. Making a delivery request via our online form is quick and easy, and you can be assured your propane will be delivered in a safe and secure manner.

Professional Handling and Transport for Your Propane

For over two decades, we’ve been transporting propane to residential, commercial, and industrial locations to meet the needs of people in Yucca Valley and the surrounding areas. We take great pride in our safe, transparent, and professional approach to propane sale and delivery.

“The Local Guys” Now Deliver to Twentynine Palms & Yucca Valley

After receiving an increasing number of requests for Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley propane deliveries, we decided it is time to honor them. Residents in these areas now have access to our affordable prices and excellent customer service as well.

First time customers are advised to check the Safety section on our website and take all precautions necessary. Since the cold season is already here, having the heater checked and placing orders early is the best way to avoid dealing with system failures or running out of propane during the holidays.

Our team has already started making Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms propane deliveries, and we are receiving new orders every day. If yours is not among them, you can call us today to make the switch.

Contact “the local guys” now, and make sure your only concern for the holidays is to have a good time with your friends and family!

New Delivery Computer System

We are very excited to announce that we now have high-tech delivery systems installed in our bobtails. What this means for you is this: you will have a more detailed delivery ticket with very minimal hand written information. You will now notice that our drivers will have handheld tablets. Instead of signing a paper ticket you will sign the tablet and the driver will print out your delivery ticket.
The new system was installed to provide more accurate deliveries, well-documented safety checks, and increase customer satisfaction. We hope you realize the benefits of this system and let us know how it’s working for you!

Account Access Is Back!

Over the weekend the issues with nation-wide internet “speed” seem to have been resolved and we have unblocked the account access feature on our web site.

Online Account Outage

Due to massive Comcast and AT&T internet outages throughout the nation, online account access will be temporarily unavailable. This has been an issue for the past couple of days and we are unsure of any timeline for a fix. As soon as we are aware of the fix we will be able to allow access to your online account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Heating Season

As the heating season closes in, we want to remind you to make sure your heaters are in proper working condition. Always remember that if you are unsure about the condition of your heater, call a certified appliance technician to inspect it.
We also want our customers to realize that we begin to get very busy around this time of year, but you can still expect the high quality of customer service you deserve. Make sure you get your orders in early so you don’t risk the chance of being cold this winter.

Launch of News Blog

We are excited to announce the launch of our news blog. We intend to provide news and announce events via this new blog and hope that you let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on here.

Our News Blog

We are always trying to change for the better. One way we feel we can give our customers the best experience is to provide them with industry and company news. We look forward to sharing stories, article and code updates with you. If there is anything specific you would like to see, just send us an e-mail and we will be sure to include it.