Customer Credit Application

  • I certify that the above information is true and accurate and I have not misrepresented my financial status in any way. I understand that this is an application for credit and that a credit report may be obtained by Silver Valley Propane, Inc. in order to verify the above information. I will immediately notify Silver Valley Propane, Inc. of any changes to the information above in writing. I agree to pay any and all balances incurred with Silver Valley Propane, Inc. within 20 days from the date of billable service. I understand that I will incur finance charges for any unpaid balance after 30 -days at 1 ½% per month, not to exceed 18% per year or as applicable by law. Silver Valley Propane, Inc. reserves the right to attempt to collect any unpaid balance through any means allowable by law and to collect from me any reasonable costs associated with such collection. I understand that Silver Valley Propane, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, terminate, and/or limit credit at any time for any reason and may require prepayment or payment on delivery in the event this credit application is denied, has expired, or has been terminated.
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